Last year Rozotti's sponsored its first Wimbledon Event. It was a great success - look for it next July, 2011, when it will be at the San Luis Obispo Golf and Country Club at 9:00 am on Finals Day. Be there!!!!






  The following was from last year - we are keeping it for next year:


Greetings and Salutations,

Great news: the Avila Bay Club and San Luis Obispo Golf and Country Club are teaming-up to sponsor an annual event to support our local high school tennis teams. Join us this year on July 6, 2008, at the Avila Bay Club for Rozotti’s First Annual California - West Coast Wimbledon, which this year will be a social: watch the Wimbledon’s Mens’ Finals with other tennis’ers, while enjoying breakfast/brunch - SLO Roasted Coffee and waffles with strawberries and cream (whipped). Rozotti’s is providing the waffles and toppings, and SLO Roasted Coffee is donating the coffee (thank you SLO Roasted!). Arrive early as the cook wants to watch the match.

Note: We were previously informed that the match would be broadcast at 9:00 am so advertised this event as starting at that time. We will start at 6 am (live broadcast time), watch (eat and drink) and record the match, then start again at 9:00 am. So, you can arrive at either time for the event. We look forward to seeing you.


This year the event is to raise funds to help renovate the San Luis Obispo High School tennis facility; 100% of your donation of $10 goes toward the fund. Rozotti’s Alpine Beer Garden & Tennis Resort has raised over $700 from its two previous Labor Day tournaments (“Rozotti’s is every Labor Day, Plan on It!”), which is in a special account for the project at Heritage Oaks Bank.

The renovation project is in the very initial stages; we need volunteers of all kinds, such as people to assist with designing the new facility (if you have an idea, please tell us), an architect for design/drawings, tradesfolk (concrete, electrical, plumbing, and fencing), politicians (?and lobbyists and lawyers?), persons knowledgeable in fundraising, and people who have time to organize and make calls (who am I forgetting?). Please let us know if you can assist in anyway, or if you know someone who can and will. Contact Ken Peet, our preeminent San Luis Obispo High School tennis coach for 25 years, at or me at

Next year the event will be held at the San Luis Obispo Golf and Country Club and the proceeds will be re-directed to a different high school’s tennis program, even if we haven’t reached our goal for the SLO High renovations. If you have considered organizing a group to renovate your high school’s tennis facility, now is the time to get started; contact us so we can assist.

Please r.s.v.p. by email (, or telephone (541-1044) as of now, we have no idea of how many of you will be joining us on July 6, 2008. Of course, the more the merrier, so bring family and friends. This flyer is available here. You can email it to other tennis folk; please do so. Thank you.

You will also contribute by entering the doubles tournament held by Rozotti’s Alpine Beer Garden & Tennis Resort this coming Labor Day weekend. Fifty percent of the entry fees will be contributed to the high school’s tennis program which has the most students entered in Rozotti’s tournament. For the past 2 tournaments SLO High had the most student-entrants.

We look forward to seeing you and yours soon.

Richard Rossi for Rozotti’s Alpine
Beer Garden & Tennis Resort for
The SLO High Tennis Renovation